Airborne & Ground Military Cameras

Airborne Analog, SD and HD video cameras for internal and external installation

Fixed and Dynamic zoom lenses

Supporting various output formats

H.264 and other encoding/ compressing algorithms

Gen-locked cameras for synchronizes/ stereoscopic applications

Remote Head Cameras

Mil-Std-810_DO-160 certification


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Low cost proven airborne cameras

Miniature Bullet/ Cube cameras

SD or HD resolution (up to 1080p60 over 3G HD-SDI)

Flight tests network attached cameras

Interior and External installation

Fully user programmable (Shutter, Frame Rate, Gain, etc.)

Network attached, PTP synchronization

Multiple lens options (ordering option)

Vehicle cameras

Gun cameras

Rear View cameras

Rugged/Environmentally Housed Cameras

360 degree situational awareness cameras system

3D/Stereo video solutions