Our Air Data Computer (ADC) products has an installed base of over ten thousand units.

The highly configurable and reliable air data computers are TSO-C106 and RTCA DO178/254 DAL A certified on over 30 aircraft platforms.

They store up to 15 configurations in a single unit allowing the same physical unit to be used across different aircraft platforms regardless of aircraft size.

This reduces the cost of ownership through reduced spares requirements and simplified, flexible fleet management.


Proven history and extensive helicopter experience

Pin-link configurations support up to 15 different aircraft configurations

Compact and lightweight

High accuracy altitude (for RVSM) and highly reliable IVSI output

High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) compliant

Achieves low airspeed accuracy using electronic filtering

The ADCs compute critical air data parameters such as altitude, height deviation, air temperature, airspeed, Mach, max allowable airspeed and signal validities.

They produce high accuracy height readings for RVSM applications and a highly reliable IVSI output.

Low airspeed accuracy required for helicopter applications is achieved using electronic filtering to negate the effects of rotor-wash from the display screens.

Compared to traditional mechanical solutions, this method reduces the cost of ownership by reducing weight and removing maintenance issues for the operators.


ESCADU - Enhanced Software Configurable Air Data Unit