Analysis software

The pressure mapping system based on tactile sensors, handle and computer software.

The handle needed to interface between the sensor and the computer.

Pressure measurement systems with thin sensors of approximately 0.1 mm width that can test pressures from 3 PSI [ 0.2 Atm. ] full scale up to 30,000 PSI [ 2,000 Atm. ] full scale for surfaces from 10 X 10 mm up to 600 X 600 mm and a lot of special surfaces. The measurement displayed and analyzed in different levels (real time / high frequency/ video, etc.). We offer also Force measurement sensors.

The s/w is an environment for computational fluid-dynamics (CFD), multi-physics simulation, and fluid-structure interaction calculations, based on the leading stabilized finite element method (FIC-FEM). The s/w includes different modules that allow solving Heat Transfer in both solid and fluids, Turbulence, Advection of Species in fluids and solids and Free Surface problems using the same stabilized scheme mentioned above.  Also offered advanced solvers for beams, shells and solid structures, and includes cutting-edge tools for solving fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems. The different analyses available and are fully integrated in an advanced graphic user interface (GUI), for geometry and data definition, mesh generation and post-processing the analysis results. The GUI uses a versatile tree-like interface for data managing, allowing an easy control of the whole process of entering the analysis data.

It’s a CAE software tool for a growing number of applications that exploit the combined use of experimental test data and finite element analysis data and for integrating and automating different CAE tools.  FEMtools Framework can be complemented with the following add-ons for FEA integration: ABAQUS, ANSYS, NASTRAN and UNIVERSAL FILE (I-DEAS)

Analyze – ME’scope VES is designed to aid engineers and technicians working on vibration and acoustics troubleshooting, new product research and development, and predictive maintenance for critical machines and structures.

Monitor – ME’scope Surveillance Series offers a fully automated , network-based surveillance system for remote monitoring and operating condition analysis of rotating and reciprocating machinery and mechanical structures, as well as construction and environmental test sites.