Data Acquisition / Flight Test Equipment

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We offer large verity of data acquisition and flight test instrumentation equipment.

Mil-Std-810 designed to meet extrema environments.

The system is proven on hundreds of different platforms (Large body, Jet, Helicopter, UAV, Missiles and Space)


Reliable and rugged - Driven by hardwired finite state machines, operates in harsh environments

Compact and low power - Ideal when space and power are limited

High performance - High system throughput and data integrity

COTS modular design - 100+ plug-in modules fit all chassis

Supports internal recording (CF) and real time data output

Powerful software - Intuitive, fast set-up and programming; tight integration with display/analysis

The system:

2 to 13 user slots, all of them flexible for different modules/ functions

Over 100 different types of module for various inputs/ tasks


Analog S/E & D/E

Discrete/ Bi-Level/ Opto-Coupled

Sensors (ICP, TC, S/G, Pressure, etc)

Busses (PCM IRIG-106, Ethernet, ARINC, 1553, RS232/422/485, etc)

IRIG time and GPS

Voice and Video


Busses (PCM IRIG-106, Ethernet, ARINC, 1553, RS232/422/485, etc)

DAC & Discrete

Special functions:

Internal BIT module

Mathematical processing module for user application

Panel mount solid state recorders for quick installation and easy access.

- Fixed input recorder such as Ethernet, GigE, PCM, Video, etc

- Multiple inputs recorder with 4 user slots for user defined inputs and onboard GPS receiver, Voice input, Ethernet port and remote control functions

Additional features:

Front panel status display

Event push button

8/16 ports Ethernet/ GigE switches

IRIG-B/ PTP time synchronization

Miniature switch for tight space applications

Fully featured Hardware and software tools for telemetry acquisition and processing


Bit Sync, Decom and Time boards up to 40Mpbs

Simulator boards

BERT solutions

Fully integrated solution on a single board

Wide band recording solutions, up to 40Gbps


Ground Station SoftwareSoftware:

EU and virtual parameters processing

ActiveX/ Video display tools

Networking and Archiving capabilities