Mil-Std-810 designed to meet extrema environments.

The system is proven on hundreds of different platforms (Large body, Jet, Helicopter, UAV, Missiles and Space)


Reliable and rugged - Driven by hardwired finite state machines, operates in harsh environments

Compact and low power - Ideal when space and power are limited

High performance - High system throughput and data integrity

COTS modular design - 100+ plug-in modules fit all chassis

Supports internal recording (CF) and real time data output

Powerful software - Intuitive, fast set-up and programming; tight integration with display/analysis

The system:

2 to 13 user slots, all of them flexible for different modules/ functions

Over 100 different types of module for various inputs/ tasks


Analog S/E & D/E

Discrete/ Bi-Level/ Opto-Coupled

Sensors (ICP, TC, S/G, Pressure, etc)

Busses (PCM IRIG-106, Ethernet, ARINC, 1553, RS232/422/485, etc)

IRIG time and GPS

Voice and Video


Busses (PCM IRIG-106, Ethernet, ARINC, 1553, RS232/422/485, etc)

DAC & Discrete

Special functions:

Internal BIT module

Mathematical processing module for user application